Meet the nbnTM National Brand Ambassador Team

The tech knowledge I have learnt in this time has blown my mind to say the least! I look forward to being able to draw on it, share it and I am enthusiastic to build on it

Here at CROSSMARK we’ve always thought of ourselves as a people business and as one of our newer field teams hit the streets, we’d like to take a minute to showcase the wonderful people that will represent nbnTM and CROSSMARK.

It’s important for all our programs to leverage our recruitment power to hire the best locally-sourced talent that are the right fit for purpose. Above the obvious skills and experience requirements needed, we work to find those that represent the brand, are able to have relevant conversations, and bring energy and passion to the role.

For those that haven’t heard, nbnTM has partnered with CROSSMARK to provide strategic local area marketing and experiential initiatives as Australia’s largest broadband network rolls out across the country. The partnership will see our shopperXP division (dedicated to the shopper’s brand experience) provide exciting and engaging consumer experiences within local communities to educate consumers about the benefits of nbnTM and will drive awareness, interest, registration and intention to connect.

Without further ado, let’s meet some of the team members driving our program forward:

Wally (VIC)

Wally (VIC)

Wally bringing the program to life in the community!

As part of the program the BAs visit a wide range of locations, from shopping centres and stadiums to libraries and schools, which all have vastly different environments and challenges requiring problem solving, quick thinking and adaptability. A self-proclaimed optimist and realist, Wally relishes a challenge to find the best solution, ensuring consumer needs are always met. With experience working for two of the biggest smartphone makers in the world and passion in technology, Wally ticked all the boxes and we’re so excited to have him.

Ashley (WA)

Ashley (WA)

Ash and Rachelle with our partner Retail Service Providers (RSPs) finding the right solutions for consumers

With experience in various telcos, for the past 5 years Ashley has been working in sales and store management. A passionate West Coast Eagles support (don’t hold it against him!) and a strong interest in all things technology, gizmos and gadgets.

Ashley’s hobbies, experience and drive made him a perfect addition to the team and we’re so happy he’s joined the program.

Michelle and John (NSW)

Michelle and John (NSW)

Michelle and John bringing their energy and passion in Warrawong Plaza! Fun fact: to get the van in there we had to take the doors off the centre entrance - a shopping centre first!

Michelle has represented a vast array of brands in the experiential marketing/events space and has worked with nbnTM since 2013. Michelle herself is excited by it all, commenting“the tech knowledge I have learnt in this time has blown my mind to say the least! I look forward to being able to draw on it, share it and I am enthusiastic to build on it.”

John is a veteran for us and joins us with an incredible breadth of experience from being a Brand Ambassador on past CROSSMARK programs to a qualified gilder who put 24-carat gold leaf on the Sydney Town Hall clock face and the ceiling of St. James Church!

John is looking forward to educating Aussies far and wide about the nbnTM!