CROSSMARK collaborates with Woolworths to trial new Compass merchandising app

The Compass app provides valuable insights and intelligence to help field forces work more efficiently by addressing the right things in store

In today’s challenging retail environment CROSSMARK is excited by the launch of a new field marketing app called Compass, which is set to revolutionise the way FMCG suppliers manage their products instore. 

The Compass app is a major breakthrough for the Australian grocery sector, which uses data analytics to help suppliers provide a better customer experience by identifying instore issues such as such as out of stocks, hidden products, lost facings, phantom stock or ticketing issues; anything that might contribute to lost sales.

Available on both Apple and Android, the app draws on previous sales patterns to forecast daily sales expectations for every product in store then generates an alert if sales drop below expectations, allowing field merchandisers to rectify the issues.

CROSSMARK has been working closely with Woolworths over the last twelve months on lost sales calculations, and were approached in November to assist them with trialling the Compass app. Initially just 20 reps across NSW were deployed to trial the app, but CROSSMARK is now in the process of rolling it out to the wider grocery team, complete with training to ensure they make the most of the technology. On April 17 the app was launched nationwide to all Woolworths’ suppliers free of charge.

The Compass app provides valuable insights and intelligence to help field forces work more efficiently by addressing the right things in store. Not only will a brand’s field rep receive an alert when a product is out of stock, the alert will also estimate how much they are losing in sales by not replenishing stock.

One of our clients who participated in the trials, Lion, was impressed with how the app was able to assist with its Dare flavoured milk range. The popular flavoured milk product experiences heavy sales in the morning by tradespeople around 7am, then school children at 8am, with sales spiking again at around 3pm after school. If merchandisers failed to replenish the milk during the day, the Compass app sends them an alert telling them that they missed out on, for example $300 worth of sales that day, by not replenishing stock.

This is an example of data driven deployment at its finest and CROSSMARK is thrilled to have been involved with the app’s evolution.  CROSSMARK is always looking for new ways to work with retailers to provide a better in store experience and, as a huge advocate of data and technology, the company believes this is an exciting development for the entire industry.

A lost sale for a supplier is a lost sale for Woolworths and will most likely result in a dissatisfied customer. While the technology is still in its early stages, we commend Woolworths for developing the app and encourage brands to contact us to discuss how they can leverage new technology and apps like Compass to help drive sales growth.

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson

Luke is a leader with a proven track record of implementing business improvement initiatives. Strong consulting background with a demonstrated ability to add value in a variety of industries. Luke brings his analytical and innovative thinking to shape the future of CROSSMARK field operations.