How To Improve Mystery Shop Scores

In an age where word of mouth is crucial to a business’s growth, exceptional customer service is a top priority. Mystery shopping continues to be an excellent way to see your business through the eyes of your customers and provide detailed insights on where you can improve.

To achieve desirable results, businesses must implement a strategic mystery shopper program. This blog will discuss how to improve mystery shop scores through a more refined mystery shop program.

Examine one service element at a time

While you want to understand how your business performs, keeping the mystery shop simple is important — analyse one service element at a time. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the collected data and gives you room to make clearer decisions. Depending on your industry, you might want to look at the customer service quality, the atmosphere of your space, or how well customers receive your products.

You might also want to consider keeping your mystery shop assignments simple. Mystery shoppers must follow the rules and guidelines set out by a business, and this is easier to achieve when your instructions are easy to follow and achievable.

Design customer-focused assignments

Successful mystery shopper programs put their customers first. A business needs to consider areas of their products or services that matter to their customer, not them. For instance, having a faster checkout experience may be more important than how attentive a retail assistant is.

Spend some time thinking about your business from the perspective of a customer. It might also be worth investigating factors such as demographics and time spent in your business to develop these assignments.

Use the right mystery shopper for your brand

Every industry has different needs, and the mystery shopper you hire should reflect the nature of your business. A few notable traits make up a professional mystery shopper, like having an inquisitive nature and a keen eye for detail. Finding suitable candidates can be challenging, and it’s why several of the world’s largest brands use CROSSMARK for their mystery shopper program.

CROSSMARK has a wide range of mystery shoppers, specialising in all retail categories across the country. Our experienced mystery shoppers can provide data-led customer insights to help you make more informed decisions to improve your business.

Choose CROSSMARK for your mystery shop management plan

As we understand your business’s challenges, goals and opportunities, we’ll provide you with a tailored mystery shop management plan. No matter what angle you want, CROSSMARK can perform in-store and online mystery shops and measure competitor activity. Discover a more strategic way to improve customer experience by contacting us today!