Gain Retail Visibility Gain Retail Visibility

Understand your brand, shopper experience, and competitors

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Design better strategies by having a source of unbaised truth

Mystery Shopping

Providing true visibility of the real customer experience.

Mystery shopping is one of the most cost-effective ways of capturing and understanding a customer’s experience for brands and retailers. It can also provide insight into retailer staff knowledge, advocacy, and enthusiasm towards your brand or product.

Rather than relying on anecdotal feedback, we can provide visibility around your customers’ experiences while tapping into data-led insights to help you make more informed decisions. Our specialist mystery shoppers visit all channels and categories of retail across Australia.

We can design cost-effective and efficient solutions leveraging our team’s retail expertise. CROSSMARK helps the world’s largest brands grow by providing insights and recommendations to improve customer experience and shape retail strategy.

On-demand and tactical activations

Consultative & Strategy

Acting as a strategic partner means really understanding your business and designing a solution that achieves your objectives.

Operational Excellence

Delivering scalable & flexible Mystery Shopping programs capturing insightful qualitative & quantitative data.

Online & Offline Solutions

We can perform mystery shopping programs via instore visits, online shopping, webchat and phone shopping.


These are some of the common solutions through this service. We tailor our strategies based on your specific challenges, opportunities, and retail goals.

Retail Brand Health Audits

Retail Brand Health Audits

Staff Knowledge & Advocacy

Staff Knowledge & Advocacy

Measure Staff Performance

Measure Staff Performance

Customer Journey & Experience

Customer Journey & Experience

Competitor Activity & Intel

Competitor Activity & Intel

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

Market Research & Exit Surveys

Market Research & Exit Surveys

Audit Compliance & Standards

Audit Compliance & Standards

Reporting & BI

Being insight-driven and data-led can help brands and retailers run their operations more efficiently. Data can also help to quickly identify opportunities or challenges, allowing businesses to make operational changes or develop strategies in response to market conditions.

Our BI team can help clients build sales strategies, and provide insights and recommendations. They can analyse different data sources, undertake field team modelling, and deliver a deeper level of analysis, including predictive forecasting, that can transform business outcomes.


Live and Transparent

See field reports come through instantly as they’re reported from the field.

Real-time Insights

Complete visibility of exactly how every activity is trending, what's working, and what has opportunity.


Easy to navigate and find all the data & insights you need – from national & individual store reports, to the photo gallery.

Keys to Success

Specialist Teams

Channel and retail experts that drive superior brand and sales growth.

Tailored Solutions

Solutions designed for your business that deliver with agility, precision and speed.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence plans and models supported by local history, retail footprint & strategic insights


Leveraging our proprietary technology make it easier to work, more efficient & drive a better outcome in store.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help make you the most-informed decision, here are some common questions. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form and just ask!

Mystery shopping gives you an honest view of what’s happening in retail in the eyes of a shopper. This is particularly important to understand their purchasing journey experience, including retailer staff advocacy, knowledge of your brand, store behaviours, your brand’s ‘health’ in retail, or even process compliance.

By analysing these outcomes, our team can design better field strategies through merchandising, field sales, or brand ambassadors. For example, knowing how retailer staff feel about your brand or how they engage with customers means you can run a very targeted staff education program.

This depends on current challenges and opportunities your products and brands are facing in retail. Mystery shopping is about gathering information that allows you to enhance your sales strategies or make changes to improve performance.

It’s hard to capture all field trends here on this page, especially across so many verticals – we encourage you to chat with us, and check out our blog articles for trends & insights.

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact us form. We’ll require some details about your brief and what you’re looking to achieve. If you aren’t able to share these details with us, or you’re just in the discovery phase, we’re happy to have a chat to get you started.

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