Leveraging our ecommerce & logistics capabilities to help clients grow online

Online shopping in Australia has accounted for approximately 30 per cent of total omni-channel retail sales since January 2017.

The Australian consumer’s appetite for online shopping shows no signs of abating and continues to drive rapid change in the retail sector. The shift in shopper behaviour means it has never been more important for brands to maximise their online visibility.

A growing trend that I’ve noticed recently is the number of big retail conglomerates using online marketplaces to increase their shopping footprint and product offering. Online marketplaces allow retailers to reach more digital savvy consumers looking to purchase multiple products from different categories from the one shopping destination. These unique platforms allow brands to broaden their product’s visibility and increase sales.

I’m currently witnessing the growth of online marketplaces firsthand, as more clients approach me for assistance with formulating e-commerce strategies to help them maximise their brand’s presence across third-party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. CROSSMARK’s strong and longstanding relationships with major retailers, combined with its commerce expertise and large warehousing facilities, are hugely beneficial for brands looking to expand their e-commerce operations.

Online shopping in Australia has accounted for approximately 30 per cent of total omni-channel retail sales since January 2017. Interestingly, Australia’s main point of difference, which defies global markets, is our penchant for eBay which is the largest online marketplace in Australasia by a wide margin.

While e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have existed for decades, Woolworths and Coles have recently announced their own plans to enter the sector, buoyed by Myer’s successful move a few years ago.

For retail brands, the opportunity to leverage online marketplaces is exciting however the management and fulfilment requirements can be daunting. For this reason, CROSSMARK has introduced a new suite of services and solutions to help set brands up for success.

Marketplace management

This includes developing e-commerce strategies, managing the set-up process and overseeing the day-to-day logistics across all major platforms including eBay, Amazon, Catch of the Day and Kogan.

Digital product content

Our team makes sure products are syndicated across all platforms with the same up-to-date information, well presented and optimised to sell, including augmented media such as video and AR content.

Logistics and fulfilment

CROSSMARK’s large warehousing facilities are now available for brands requiring assistance with third party logistics and fulfilment. This includes shipping replenishment stock to distribution centres through our own state-based warehouses.

As online marketplaces continue grow, our new services and solutions are designed to help streamline e-commerce marketplace management and logistics, helping to remove some of the perceived challenges around managing these platforms.

To find out more about our new services, call 02 9439 1233 or email contact@crossmark.com.au